What Our Customers Say

Our customers are at the centre of our business. Building lasting relationships by delivering excellent service and great quality is what we do.

On completion of maintenace work

"The lads did a great job and worked long hours to get the steam back on so for that please send my warmest thanks to the lads. The team displayed a high degree of professionalism and done their very best to get it to a point to reinstate the line and the work has been first class"

Plant Manager


On completion of prototype manufacture

"Thank you very much for everything you have done so far. You’ll see from the correspondence below that everyone is happy. I am excited to get this project moving and working with you more and more” 

Business Leader R&D


On completion of NDT Inspection of a repaired in situ process vessel

"On entering the facility to carry out the NDT I was concerned. Poor access, difficult position of weld and difficulty of the process would often result in a poor weld. On examination I was please to see that despite the difficult conditions it was some of the best welding I have seen”

Level 3 NDT inspector


On Completion of a Major Gin Plant Installation

"We have walked the installation with your Project Manager and Site Supervisor. We are very impressed with the standard of the work carried out, it stands out from the work previously completed on site"

Project Manager


Following completion of shut down

"We would like to thank you and your team for the assistance you afforded us during the shutdown. Again we had a successful shutdown which for us is ensuring the safety of everyone on site during these operations; we extend our gratitude for the safe working attitude that was displayed. With the duration of the shutdown being condensed the amount of work achieved was a good result for us. Our plant has now been operational for 24 hours and all seems to be well. It is important to have good service providers and strong relationships to enable us to grow successfully for our customers. We look forward to seeing you again on site for further work"

Plant Manager 


Following the completion of a site based mechanical installation ahead of schedule:

"I can't thank you enough, your staff were professional and couldn't do enough to help, they dealt with everything thrown at them. We managed to shorten our shut down as a result of their performance . We would be glad to have you on our site again" 

Plant Manager 


Following the delivery of a one off process pressure vessel

"We never thought you could deliver it in that timescale. Thanks very much for putting the extra effort in particularly dealing with the changes"

Plant Manager 


Following the completion of vessel build and installation at height along with associated pipe work

"We have been impressed, it was a very demanding job particularly the location of the main vessel. The site conditions weren't great but you delivered the project within schedule and worked safely at all times. Thanks"

Plant Manager 



Our customers are at the centre of our business. Building lasting relationships by delivering excellent service and great quality is what we do.