Storage Tanks and Vats

New builds, upgrades and modifications including all associated internal work, access walkways and platforms, piping and instrumentation carried out in our facility or on your site


At Normand and Thomson we appreciate that the storage of your products and services is an essential part of the successful operation of your business. You require confidence that these commodities are stored safely and within government guidelines. As specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of tanks and vats, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide solutions to your requirements.

Normand and Thomson have the capability to provide storage tanks and vats suitable for any industry including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, bio-med and chemical processing. Our in-house quality control systems ensure that demands can be met at the highest levels, and tanks and vats can be built to any industry standard including ASME, PED5500, and BS EN 14015. Examples of the types of tanks and vats we can supply, but are not limited to, would be storage vats, pressure vessels, hot well tanks, spirit tanks, fermenters, silos and double skin storage tanks. 

Utilising our wide range of welder qualifications and procedures, we are able to fabricate tanks and vats to your specification in a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, and hastelloy. They can be offered with any type of ends i.e. dished, conical or flat, and can be tailored to specialist applications requiring heating/cooling systems. 

With absolutely no limit on size, large or small, we can offer a workshop fabrication service for smaller tanks and vats, or in-situ manufacture and installations on your premises for larger vessels. As we have our own cranes and qualified crane operators, we are able to take on board any lifting requirements that may be involved. 

Aside from fabricating new bespoke vessels, we can also modify your existing equipment to support new process conditions or design. This could be as simple as a  capacity change or more complex work including internal baffling, filtering systems, jacketing, top/bottom replacement, or equipment installation. 

Normand and Thomson are able to remove or open any vessel carry out internal and external inspections and along with your process engineers agree any repair of modification work. We will be able to carry out the work and put the fully cetified vessel back into production

As we employ our own thermal insulation engineers, we are able to offer any type of tank or vat, insulated and clad to your requirements. We can also install personnel protective shielding for high temperature applications to ensure the safety of your operatives. 

For more information on our services and capability, please contact our head office, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our customers are at the centre of our business. Building lasting relationships by delivering excellent service and great quality is what we do.