Personnel Protection Systems

Normand and Thomson are able to design and supply any type of personnel protection system for process plant.

At Normand and Thomson we are regularly requested to design, build and install specialist personnel protection systems that are required to provide a safe working environment or are part of a plant safety system.

Typical examples of this type of equipment are:

Special Personnel Protection: stainless steel perforated sheet installed around process plant pipe work and vessels to ensure personnel are protected from hot surfaces. We are able to supply these systems in line with the most rigorous designs required in offshore facilities including to NORSOK standards.

Equipment guards, cages and doors: In order to supply these systems Normand and Thomson will visit a clients' facility where our engineers will survey the location of the guards and cages. We will then design the system and manufacture to bespoke equipment dimensions and if required coat (paint or galvanised) and install.






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