World Youth Skills Day 2021

Thursday, 8 July 2021

World Youth Skills Day 2021

Ahead of World Youth Skills Day, we sat down with the youngest employee at Normand and Thomson, Derryn Wilson, to catch up and see how he is enjoying his apprenticeship so far.

“At college, I had been some welding, and it was from then I decided I wanted to be a welder and applied for an apprenticeship at Normand and Thomson. I am really enjoying how hands-on it is, the practical side of working and learning has been fun.

 I have been involved in a lot of jobs already, and so far, I am enjoying welding more than the other aspects of the apprenticeship, but in the future, I hope to get more into the fabrication side of things like vessels and pipework.

The best part of learning on the job is I am learning something new every day – Being around tradesmen with different skill sets and years of knowledge is a great way for me to develop my own skills. I turned 18 in January, and I am glad I decided on this industry, I am excited to see where it takes me and what projects I will be involved in at Normand and Thomson.”

Managing Director - Jim McAleese commented “It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm Derryn has for his apprenticeship. We are proud of the teamwork at Normand and Thomson, particularly how senior Tradesmen are motivating and encouraging our apprentices

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