Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Scottish Apprenticeship Week

For Scottish Apprenticeship Week we sat down with one of our newest apprentices who made the change from an office environment to become a skilled tradesman by securing an apprenticeship with Normand and Thomson as a Pipefitter/Welder.

Q. What made you decide to change your career path and take up an apprenticeship?

A. The realization hit that I was not enjoying my work, I felt stuck in a job that had little progression. I wanted to challenge myself and try something completely different. In a way, I am thankful that I was working from home as it pushed me to make the change. I had seen my friends get and enjoy apprenticeships, which made me think of getting a trade. It was daunting at first as I had never worked with tools before this, but I am glad that I went for it.

Q. Does the apprenticeship tie in with your expectations?

A. They have exceeded my expectations, I am enjoying learning – especially practically, I have already done some project work.

Q. Which aspects of the apprenticeship do you like?

A. I like that it is rewarding, to know that I have started from scratch and already I am seeing myself progress. The social aspect of the job is another part that I like about working in the workshop, working in an office I was just sitting at a desk, now I get to work with the guys and have a bit of banter.

Q. Is there a particular tradesman that has had an influence on your learning? Would you consider them to be a role model for the apprentices?

A. I have to give a shout-out to David Kemp, who has helped me a lot, he knew I was new to the industry and took the time to show me the best possible way to get the best results, he was very patient throughout. He would leave me to do something but continuously check on how I was getting on. I would definitely say he was a tradesman to look up to, he is a role model to me. I wouldn’t have passed my welding test if it wasn’t for his help.

Q. What are you looking forward to about going to college?

A. I have never been to college before, so I am looking forward to doing something different and building on what I have already learned. It will be good to develop my knowledge further through theory as well.

We are delighted with how Bill has come so far in his apprenticeship and look forward to what the future brings.

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