200 Litres Vertical Cylindrical Vessel

Thursday, 14 September 2023

200 Litres Vertical Cylindrical Vessel

A busy month in the Normand and Thomson workshop based in Dalgety Bay, Fife.

Currently in production in our stainless steel workshop:

3 x 180,000L stainless steel liquid storage tanks

Refurbishment of three 6M long stainless steel plate and tube heat exchangers

1 stainless steel hygienic process filtration skid

2 oil and gas piping projects in stainless steel

The carbon steel workshop is also busy!

We particularly liked the finish on this pressure vessel.

200 Litres Vertical Cylindrical Vessel manufactured and tested, inspections completed, and ready for dispatch along with a comprehensive manufacturing data book.
Design Code – PD 5500 2021 + A1:2021 Cat. 2.
Design Pressure – Shell & Jacket 4.5 Bar g + Full Vacuum
Design Temperature - min 0°C max 200°C
NDT – 100% Visual, 100% Dye Penetrant Inspection & 10% Radiography
Hydro Test Pressure – 7.93 Bar G

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