Pilot Plant and Laboratory Equipment

Working closely with development engineers Normand and Thomson experience and innovative approach can make the most complex process come to life.

As a result of our flexible and innovative approach Normand and Thomson has developed a niche capability in the development and support of pilot plant and other novel equipment used to develop new processes. Work in this field requires the creation of one off designs and unique manufacturing strategies to support the development of new processes. This is an area where Normand and Thomson excel.

We are able to work with customers who are technical experts in their own field, but may have difficulty with the practical development of process plant. We take their theoretical process, understand their requirements and develop specifications for the required equipment. We ensure the quality and performance is delivered, and work with them to bring their process to life. 

Our ability to design and build most types of equipment is an invaluable asset to our customers in this area. We act as a one stop shop for all requirements from vessels, tanks, piping, mechanical fit up, structural steel, walkways, full installation and ongoing maintenance. 

In this type of work, our flexible approach, rapid response, and can do attitude ensures that we support the ongoing modifications as the process develops. Changes in scale, capacity and process conditions may require frequent and challenging design changes, we have proven time and again that we are able to work collaboratively to keep the development moving forward.

We have had the pleasure to support many successful process developments of this type working with our customers from table top plant to full blown production facilities.

For more information on any of the above support services, please contact our head office who will be happy to assist with your requirements

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